Monday, January 25, 2010

Mini Game

I felt dumb founded with all the codes like: carrot._x = 400; carrot._x = 1; onEnterFrame = function() {carrot._x = carrot._x + 2;}. But all in all it was fun, especially when we started to make the carrot move it was fun and funny. But I really liked the part when I finished the whole project and the bunny, carrot, and the score was moving. It was fun because I was the first one to figure it out how to do it, and the bad part was I had to explain how to do it. I love to play Mario games, and I hardly have time so I play when ever I can

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I feel confident, happy, and so privileged to get to make a game and to be apart of Globaloria, and this school. I was going to Fulmore middle school, but I decided no because the rejected me. And I'm glad. but that's another story. Anyway I am very happy that we have Globaloria because I love technology and I like computers. But the main reason why is because I've always wanted to make a game that every one can play and enjoy. But I know that it isn't easy but I'm sure that I can make it. Also I plan to learn this so I can make another game when I get older. I can also go to school and get a degree in technical studies.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Game Project

My game is about air pollution. And the way I plan to do it /have the game is: First, I plan to have a loading bar and music in the background. and after it loads you can click on it. Next, after you click on the load bar you'll find a main menu which will have many hyperlinked buttons that will take you to anything you click on like play, select level, and more information. they hit the play. Then it will give you the instructions then you'll be able to play the game. First in the game, you can do a quest. And if you don't complete it you can't play the game because you have to agree to some consent forms that say you have to agree to be green and influence others to become green. On the first level you have to go through a course that will help you and show you what the main objective which is how to become more greener and how to convince people to join you in your greenness quest. Then, you'll be able to play the game by yourself. And when you have ***** or stars you'll be able to then colonise you city and name it what ever you want, and travel to another place that isn't as green as yours and convince the people of that town to become green. And if you convince all the people of that city you'll get a certificate of greenness.