Thursday, October 28, 2010


Our group The J Force is consisted of 4 people including my self. Those four people are Jonathan R, Jacinto (Noel) C, Juan Z, Jonathan H. Our game Project topics are something along the line of Global Warming, Pollution, and or Coral Reefs. I think that we will win this competition first place, or at least 3rd place.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jonathan H. |11 | 2010

Choosing a Topic Wiki Pages that will help my research: 1. Global Warming (Wiki) 2. Wikipedia Climate Change Other Websites/Informational resources: 1. Effects of global warming 2. Time for Change News resources that will help my research 1. New York Times 2.ABC News

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jonathan H. 12 2010

The Age of Stupid Notes 1. The weather is hotter now than what is used to be. 2. The glacier melted about 150 meters since the past. 3. The people living near the town feel that there is only one season now that Global Warming has hit them it turns winter and directly to summer w/o noticing. 4. Global warming can cause the stronger storms now worse than ever. 5. Almost every thing is made from oil. 6. The fish population is dying fast because of the oil rig nearby. 7. They decided that they would burn gas and since that they have caused Co2, high emissions, and the people are getting sick. 8. No matter where on the Earth every one need is oil. 9. Oil thinks that they are doing a good job keeping the fumes in 10. People are trying to protest against wind turbines 11. People in Europe are trying to cut down the usage of trucks

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jonathan H. 2010

My game topic is The Effects Of Global Warming. I choose The Effects Of Global Warming because that is one main effect that is killing and hurting not only our environment but most of the animals that we rely on for food and sometimes clothing.

So here are a few links that I thought would correspond with The Effects Of Global Warming.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jonathan H. #10 2010

Source 1 Jim Frey Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) © 2010 found October 11, 2010 Source 2 Arkansas: Keep Arkansas Beautiful Litter Prevention Control © 2006 October 11, 2010 Source 3 Melissa Kilgore: Litter and Pollution © 1999 October 11, 2010 Source 4 Utexas: Pollution Prevention 2010 October 11,2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jonathan H. | 9 | 10-7-10

How to Properly Cite Internet Resources
Citing Your Sources
Use the format below to add internet resources to a bibliograghy:
Arthor. Title of website. Web addresa of URL.
Copyright date. Date you found the information.

Best Places to Live in Del Valle (78617), Texas: 2010 Found October 7,2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jonathan H. blog #8 10-5-10

On Yesterday 10-04-10, Group E watched a movie called Coral Reef Adventure. Based on how coral reefs are dying because of lack of algae, and because the waters are getting way to warm for the coral reefs to live and breathe/survive. Me personally liked the movie-- I liked the way the coral looked as it should be, but I for some apparent reason liked and disliked the way the coral looked as is was dying not to be mean but, I liked the white color that showed in the coral that's all. But the movie was very informative it talked about how without certain fish near the coral reefs that's a sign that specific areas ecosystem is down. They also talked about how the coral reefs are beneficial to us a s humans. Not only are they used to look at for beauty, but they can be used for calcium, they can ease birth pains, they can do lots to help us humans. I think that coral reefs are important to us not only for sight but for more than just that. So if you can can you please help protect the coral reefs.
Image retrieved from: pics4learning