Thursday, March 25, 2010


To me I think that flash had been somewhat hard but I can live with it. I say that because I think that I know these things but I don't know a LICK ABOUT IT! So I try to go home and try to figure it out ahead of time but I can never get to it, so I just go with the flow of it at school and get/ work with my peers on flash for the first time. I think that if we sorta slow things down a little bit we can get some where but slowly. I think that the coding in flash is important because with out the coding we wouldn't be able to make the game go and the characters move around the screen. Also it would effect the screen changing. I think that if I wanted to become a flash expert I will just have to learn how to deal with it and go with the flow like I sorta do now but a little more, because I don't wanna get kicked out of the class if I really wanted that bad. I really think that they are helping me thought the programme and that I can do more things with the Web ex videos. But the bust thing about them is that go step by step to explain how to get the game done right and not wrong. Also it teach you how to do more stuff than what we already learned. Although I didn't say no to question 5 I have some improvement tips. First maybe Meredith can slow the processes down so I can kinda figure out what she is saying, and doing. I guess my slow intellect can speed up or something but the process do go fast but I can take notes I guess... Yes I guess it can flash will help me with my future but, but just a little.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The visit from Ms. Shannon Sullivan was cool because she came all the way from New York to help us with our game projects and wiki. I thought that this Globaloria class was boring with the files to upload and stuff, but it is sorta fun but but when Ms. Sullivan came she made it fun by making jokes about how to upload flash files on to wiki. I forgot about some of them but it will come back to me later. But for some reason Mrs. Miller wasn't there to experience the coolness of Ms.Sullivan. Now I fell like I know a lot more than what I used to about flash, and in wiki. Like she taught us another way to get a SWF. file and a FLA. file. she said to go to file and go to publish settings and take off the HTML. and push publish. I liked it. I hope she come back soon.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Drawing in flash is a cool and fun thing that I had trouble with. The first thing is that when I tried to make the picture come up it didn't,
I tried to save it it didn't, I tried to make the text appear and you know what??? I IT DIDN'T WORK. The flash is a hard thing to use and operate. But other than that it was fun. I think now that I think about it I want to go home and get flash and make my own game, and become more familiar with the software. The whole topic of my game is water and air pollution, to win the game you have to do all sorts of cool things to clear the level and win. I think it is a great game .
So far my team has gotten really far with the game. We are almost done with the paper prototype and that is about it.
We have been getting along great so far but Elias he is not a participator. I think that groups are better because all the pressure isn't all on you and funner. I and I really like the way we all used our game topics for the one group project. Because I like the game now?.