Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today it started to snow and everyone was so excited about it. I can't beleave this but it really came weeeeeeeeee!

Monday, February 22, 2010

(N.G.P.) New Group Post

The Good, The Bad, And You
The Group:
Jonathan Henderson; Team Captain
Valerie Flores; Flash Workerperson
Dajasia Hitchcock; Sectary
Karina S; Wiki Updater
I think that this group will be fun and cool when we will be able to get a lot done
and we will be able to get it done fast. I think that we will learn a lot from each other. We are al ready the best of friends. I really want to start the game and and have a lot fo fun doing the game. The way we are doing this we have each person that need to have a meeting with the group we will have a meeting and they can tell us what they want us or them to do. We will have a great time I hope...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My job is the president. I am sorta good at this position but my team say I need to be more stricter. I had some disagreements with one kid he is so oh..... I told the teacher and he got some act right, he is the organizer he holds the paper.
I look forward for making the game, playing it, and going to Washington D.C.
The inspiration for my game is smokers and air pollution/water because with out water and air we wont be able to live.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paper prototyping

The Green Effect I really liked when we showed the games/paper prototype but other than that I thought it was boring. I had fun searching it when we were looking up the information, and when we colored the prototype. No... Well sort of... Yes... No... Well I did not find it difficult it was mostly fun. Yes it helps with planning the game and you don't have to think of the game step by step and then forget. I enjoyed working with a team instead of having to do all the work by your self and that one
burden will be on you. I like most of it liked except Dajasia left that one day and we were a little behind but as soon as she came back we were back on scheduled.
I think It will go great and have a good time making our games.

The Music Man!

The Team Leader!