Monday, March 28, 2011

Jonathan H. Blog Post 11.

The all new 3DS' are cool, modern, my favorite color, and not my price. if you were to buy one it will run you over 250.00 half-way 300.00 dollars. Also if you were to get the bundle pack it will be 264.98 (that's outrageous) But I see why it's that price too. Simply because the DS has evolved soo much that it is now 3D, but not only that, all of the cameras are new, they turn ordinary 2D pictures and make them 3D, the shape, style, features are new such as... Mii Maker™, StreetPass™ Mii Plaza™, StreetPass from by its name lets you walk by someone on the streets, and you can talk to their Mii character, there's more where that came from but you can find more information at or at for your local pricings. Here are some more websites you can visit: TOYS R US™ Wal-Mart™ Target™

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  1. What a load of information you have included here. I am glad you posted some links to more information, but you forgot a photo!