Monday, May 23, 2011

Winding Down What is your team name? My team name is J-Force What is the name of your game? The name of our game is Critical Condition What is it about? Our game is about the 3 major types things that effect our Earth like:
Pollution, Erosion, and Major Natural Resources being wasted because of oil rig explosions.
What scenes have you completed? Right now my team is saying that we are done with the game but it is too easy to complete so, we may just redo one scene so it will be a tad harder, but all of them are done. What parts of your team page are completed? I think our whole team page is complete but I am not sure. How much more work do you need to complete? In the game nothing maybe redo a scene,maybe the team-page and that's it.
What grade would you give yourself in Globaloria overall? I think my grade overall should or would be around 80-90. What are all of the things you have learned this year? I have learned a lot like how to add sound, and how to make a character jump. What are you proud of in Globaloria? I am proud of the team work that we get to endure in the game making prosses. How can you improve next year?

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